Gardopia Gardens

Owner and philanthropist Stephen Lucke came to us requesting a new brand identity to be used for his educational non-profit dedicated to inner city gardening and wellness.

Branding Identity Content Production.png

How We Helped

• Content Production

• Branding Identity


Starting Concepts

We decided to build Gardopia an entire brand identity within a style guide that we would use to create a custom icon set for any future content production Gardopia would make for education.


Multiple Iterations

Once we defined our design direction built specifically for educating the youth about gardening and wellness, we were able to decide on a type face as well as art style to follow.


Honing In

After extensive color matching and testing, we finally settled on a style guide that would fit the bill. We even made sure the palette was distinguishable by the color blind.


Brand Collateral

After creating the style guide, we were able to express through multiple mediums such as business cards, letter heads and flyers.


Finished Product

With the right communication and teamwork, we made a brand identity that aligned to the exact goals and specifications of Stephen Lucke's non-profit.


(210) 391-2303

110 E. Houston ST., San Antonio TX 78205